York University

York University is in the midst of a campaign, especially in the Toronto subway system, to rescue its image as a university institution of repute . The glaring problem is that within the last 5 years the university community has ruined their brand with prolonged strikes and other actions that have tattered any claims to putting teaching and their student body as primary among the staff, faculty and administration (the primary warring parties).

But York University and their stakeholders can at least be consoled that they are not the only institution to have ruined their brand in the past 5 years. The Republican party in the US, Microsoft Windows worldwide with Vista, and the Financial Banking Community, primarily in the US, but extending throughout the world have also proceeded to ruin their brands as well. So with so many parties in the mea culpa business, York U might have a chance to kiss and make up with its students and the broader community it should serve. I will let you be the judge of how successful York University has been.

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