Janes Surprise 2: Wall Paintings

There is a stretch of alleys and bars along Queen Street West that are festooned with some of the best wall paintings in Toronto. But on Janes Walk I got a  big surprise at Cameron House on Queen West where one of my favorite bistro wall paintings, a most nifty portrait that cleverl uses the windows and sills  was completely redone. The new look  – well here is  quick sampler:

Suddenly lush greens and florals are replaced with fire-engine red:

and expansive stylings:

But what PixofToronto found amusing about  the wall work is its puckish  sense of humor. For example, here is a head on look at the Big Grinning Mouth featuring the side door entrance front and center. Just chomp on this one, Cameron patrons, for a moment or two.

And above the front entrance there is an equally nippish sign:

Now I should mention there is a superb front mural of a girl smiling reminiscent of the original portrait.  Interested parties can go here for some glimpses; but there were too many patrons moving to and fro in Cameron House’s front  pub garden for a good picture to be taken – you just have to quench your thirst some day at Cameron to get a a good luck at this great wall rendition.

Now just across the street, there  is a great AutoCAD like wall mural that has lasted  for about 5-7 years – a lifetime for wall paintings in the heart of TO.

If you have a favorite set of wall paintings in TO, add a comment and PixofToronto  will add the art image and may do it as a feature. Also check out Bing Maps new Art Wall map app that shows off urban art scapes innot only in Toronto but all over North America.

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