Christmas Poems & Pictures

Christmas Poems & Pictures “Music on Christmas Morning” by Anne Brontë Music I love -­ but never strainCould kindle raptures so divine,So grief assuage, so conquer pain,And rouse this pensive heart of mine -­As that we hear on Christmas morn,Upon the wintry breezes borne. “Twas the Night Before Christmas” by C. C. Moore …And then, in …

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Christie Pits Baseball

Intercounty Baseball at Christie Pits Christie Pits for Summer Baseball and Sports Fun Since the Blue Jays are playing Gosh Awful baseball with confiscatory prices for everything at a game including the tickets , my Tennis buddy and I decided to take in a Toronto Maple Leafs Intercounty Baseball game with the Kitchner Rangers at  …

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Summer Music in the Garden – How to ruin your Brand

This summer has been active one for great free music concerts at various public parks in Toronto. Edwards Gardens, HarbourFront, Leslieville, and Woodbine among others. And if you follow the previous links you can see some of the great concerts which dotted Toronto’s summer.landscape However, HarbourFront’s Summer Music in the Garden and its  performing group Amar mi …

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Photo Contest: Where in TO II ?

These images were taken in Toronto at the end of the Summer. Your mission is to identify where. The first to add a comment to this posting correctly identifying the street intersections by October 20th, 2010 wins a Panasonic Lumix 10x zoom camera plus 2 postings of their favorite Toronto Pictures+Story on this website. Here …

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Where in TO?

Where in TO are we to catch these scenes: Out of the Fog Something Fishy about This? Its Music in a Concert of Colors It is a Fantasy Night Ride It is the Bright Lights It is Caramel Corn – Plenty of It It is the Princess Gates Yep ….. it is TheX !!

York University

York University is in the midst of a campaign, especially in the Toronto subway system, to rescue its image as a university institution of repute . The glaring problem is that within the last 5 years the university community has ruined their brand with prolonged strikes and other actions that have tattered any claims to …

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Tamil Tiger Tale

There is a demonstration by supporters of the Tamil Tigers of NorthEast Sri Lanka at the Toronto midtown corner of Bloor and Yonge Streets. It is notable because this is a continuing series of ever more heated protests so the police and TV media are out to “cover” the protest each in its own ways. …

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