Rex Impressions

The Rex Hotel on Queen just west of University has been the scene for great jazz in Toronto for the past 30 years. Now that sometimes seems to be a fact as little known as  the Rex’s Hotel business. I think of it as a jazz place, bar, and eatery in that order … and hotel maybe as vestigial appendix. But  I am assured that a nite at the Rex is not to be missed.

Here are a few shots picked up at the Rex late last year that testifies to the Jazz and Blues mood that can be found 7 days a week including noon to 12PM on most weekends.
Blowing hot steam

Now some will argue that the Rex features the newer generation of jazz musicians with headliners rarely appear. Guilty as charged except for headliners not appearing.

Rex Jam

But the sounds of Rex Jamming is a special breed that takes off every night for you to see and sample. And being at the start of all the Queen West action – its right along the way on any city tour.

Rex Lite

Besides I can guarantee you will see and hear Jazz and Blues in a new light. So try the brew or cuisine and catch a whiff of jazz history at the same time.

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