GWN – Great White North Dragonboat Tribute

GWN-Great White North are the people who put on the dragonboat racing throughout Canada and the US. They have the defacto Eastern Canada if not Canada Nationals every September in Toronto. One of the attractions of the GWN’s Dragonboat Fest is that it take place on the LakeShore at Marilyn Bell Park which was specially constructed for the DragonBoat World Championship in 2006. Another touch to the GWN races is that they sponsor a charity every year which they  collect donations for.

But perhaps the best part of the dragonboat racing is the Breast Cancer Survivors race which takes place on the last day just before the finals. These are 6 dragonboats filled with cancer survivors. I know several participants and without hesitation they praise dragonboat racing as a superb recovery and life-well being mechanism. The opportunity to socialize, network, get in shape and just enjoy the competition is no small matter.  Finally, there is a Rose Tossing ceremony after each Cancer Survivors Race  that acts as a Tribute to former colleagues, friends and dragon boat racers who have passed away. It is a very moving part of GWN’s Dragonboat Fest.
Paddling down to the starting gates

Powering their way up the course – the times are very competitive.

Maneuvering into position for the Rose Toss Ceremony

Raising the Roses

The Tribute

Moments of Reflection

This is the after ceremony activity. The crews are upbeat and carrying a bit of swagger. All parties are winners this day.

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