Photo Contests in Canada

Summer Photo Contests in Canada

This summer there are dozens of photo contests throughout Canada and the World. Our selections emphasize contests that are free for entry, have judging and not online votes as as the final arbitrer, and have some prizes for the winners. In addition, all of the contests post the winning photos [ and most post the top ten photos entered].

But most notable this year are contests specifically for kids. The Long Lunch Photo Contest has one prize devoted to youth between the ages of 10 nd 20 inclusive. And National Geographic has a contest which is for kids between the ages of 6 and 14 inclusive. So kids as photographers are being encouraged. finally, most of the contests allow for image editing using popular photo editing tools.

Summer 2011 Photo Contests – Ontario, Canada and Worldwide

Click here to get full info on contest details and prizes
Fireplaces and Furnaces

Zone Life Furnaces
Task: Indoor photography – show us a cozy scene using a fireplace or furnace
Toronto Tourist Attractions

Task: Toronto sightseeing—submit the type of photo you’d like to see in a travel publication
Hair Style

SponsorDonna Dolphy
Task: Capture a beautiful, unique or iconic hairstyle and the main focus of your photograph.
Objects in Motion

Sponsor – Allegro Freight
Task: Capture an object (or person or animal) in motion; be sure your photograph illustrates which direction the movement is heading.
CBC Community Photo Contest – August
Here are the general rules for the CBC photo contest: 

This month we want to see faces.

Whether it’s a grandparent, a newborn, or a stranger on the street, CBC Community is looking for your best photographic portraits. They could be candid or carefully set up, but what we’re really looking for is expression and emotion. It’s up to you, the photographer, to capture your subject’s character for the world to see.

Visit the CBC here for all the contest details

National Geographic International Kids ContestKids from 1 to 14 years of age are eligible with their parents permission. The photos can be entered in 4 categories – humor, people, scenery, animals.
The prizes include a trip to Costa Rica or Washington DC.See here for the photo contest details.

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