Flower Patches in the City

One of the year-round pleasures in the city, is the ability to stop at just about any corner grocery store and find some attractive cut or potted flowers. So while off taking photos of signs and posters in Toronto, quite a few city flower plantings were found. Actually flower, vegetable, grass and reeds were found on display throughout the city but especially downtown:

Ornamental vegetables are popular throughout the city. but especially in the downtown Financial District. But I was surprised to see only 3 ornamental vegetables- ornamental peppers, purple cabbage, pink panda strawberries. Such colorful ornamentals as bright-light Swiss chard, Hyacinth beans, Rosa Bianca eggplant, Scarlet Runner beans, and Lemon squash among others have yet to crack into the TD Centre gardeners line-up. Perhaps because the latter are eminently edible, they don’t make the decorative grade. In contrast, decorative grasses and reeds appeared all over downtown. Not just  TD Centre, but also seen around Osgood Hall, up University Avenue, on  the UofT campus etc..

Another popular trend is green roofs epitomized by Toronto City Hall:

Here the use of grasses and other legumes produce a  welcome spread of color atop  City Hall . It is a delight of Fall Colors that make for more than a “Green Roof”.

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