Summer Music in the Garden – How to ruin your Brand

This summer has been active one for great free music concerts at various public parks in Toronto. Edwards Gardens, HarbourFront, Leslieville, and Woodbine among others. And if you follow the previous links you can see some of the great concerts which dotted Toronto’s summer.landscape However, HarbourFront’s Summer Music in the Garden and its  performing group Amar mi …

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Classic Car Shows Around Toronto – 2015

Spring is arriving and classic car cruising is not far behind. They start with the Spring Fair Car  Show/Displays  like the AppleBlossomTyme in  Colborne. By the way , we used to call  classic cars Whiddley Flaydins – these were old cars that had been restored to pretty good operational condition. They are also known as antique cars; …

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Winter City Festival – Adieu

Like all major cities in North America, Toronto has been hit with a budget deficit. As in the last Winter City Fest outdoor show, everything hangs by a budget cord in Toronto. The ever tougher economic times coupled with the combined city of Toronto and province of Ontario budget deficits have done in the Winter …

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Jack Layton: The Re-awakening

The state funeral of Jack Layton in Toronto allowed people to come to terms with what they had – truly Bon Jack. Canadians had not a carpetbagger politician nor a Karl Rove wannabee – nor a blame game and media maestro/mistress as seen Due South; but rather a man constantly referring back to first principles and …

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Royal Winter Fair – Be Sure to Play by The Royal’s Rules

The Royal Winter Fair is on this week in Toronto with Dog Show, all sorts of Horse Shows and competitions, plus extras like magic displays and culinary exhibits. It is an Ontario Tradition plus the natural end to the farm season – and brings participants from across the province as well as from the City …

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Close at Stone Church

A week before Easter, Stone Church on Davenport just west of Yonge was offering the play Close by Romeo Ciolfi. The play is an adaption of the Crucifixion Gospel put into a contemporary setting. Close has many symmetries including the layout of the stage, clever matched lighting,  criminals gone wrong by conviction and desperation, and …

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THE Parade

THE Parade is coming to town this next weekend.   Yes, the Santa Claus Parade through Toronto’s  downtown streets.  It starts Sunday November 14th at 12:30PM up at Christie and Bloor . Mind – there are some changes to the route. The swing down University now swerves East at Dundas and proceeds to Yonge where …

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Maple Leaf Tar Spot Rot

Now I have done it – spoken the unmentionable. The  Canadian Maple Leaf has been tarred,  tainted, and  tarnished and …. and directly blemished by name => Maple Leaf Tar Spot Rot. What is there – a fungus among us? The Mysterious Rot Spots appearing on Canadian Maples this Fall in TO Well as it …

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Yahoo Santa Parade Pix in TO

Yahoo/Flickr had a great idea for the the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. They would have two gals, Yahoo employees, ride bicycles with specially mounted cameras on the front steering wheel of the bikes. Then automatically, once a minute a picture would be snapped of the parade as “observed” by the bike riders/picture takers and automatically …

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MouseOver Check

See if this works – Hover your mouse over the photo above This means that JavaSCript can be embedded in a WordPress Post – now this is simple stuff. More to come later.

Photo Finishing Tips

Pix of Toronto, of course , has many albums and galleries of photos. What may be of interest to readers is that there is a website stock with tips on all aspects of digital photography, photo galleries, and photo finishing. For over 200+ how-to tips and reviews plus hundreds of useful links click here.

Luminato Redux

Luminato is a ten day Summer Festival in Toronto that has a serious problem – it is way too stuffy and controlling. There is a website list of ten does and don”ts before you even arrive on the grounds. Supposedly geared for family fun – don”t bring an oversized bag – it may be confiscated. …

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