Book Sale at Toronto Public library

The Metro Toronto Reference Library is having a book sale – well its always having a book sale, $1 per book no matter size, age, nor NYTimes Book Review or BestSeller List Rating. Just follow the sign saying Gallery in the lower part of the picture and you can’t miss the Library’s Book Store. Now the sale prices I mentioned above may perhaps be only for this Saturday’s sale out front as you enter the library, but Heavens know that I do not need any more books.

But at $1 per I was lured in and got these book beauties. Now I know its impolite to cite books that might be construed to be under duress; but this blog is all about reviews. So here goes:
DaVinci Code – a mistake, which I have already pawned off to a friend who may not remain so
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini – haven’t seen the movie but at least I know its not Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn though the protagonists are of the same age.
Non Fiction
Beginning Database Design by Clare Churcher – this looks perfect for the inevitable friend who asks for personal database design help at the going rate of $0/hour and some unenviable parting Draculan slurp … uhhh gift.
Wild New Zealand – is a sumptuous picture travelogue that confirms that New Zealand was the perfect place to be used for filming Lord of the Rings. The missing ingredient, some one with the geologic savvy to tell us something more about those bending blocks of rock and mountainous crags so lavishly depicted.
The Strategy Focused Organization, Harvard Business School Press – no excuse, I am sucker for HBSP books.

Now returning to the question of these books being on duress sale, I say nonsense because I saw a Harry Potter or 3 on the chopping block too.

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