Spring is Official with Scottish Dancing in Edwards Gardens

Every Winter the Wish for Spring hatches 3-4 months early. But one never knows in Toronto when Spring has officially landed  given the flux of cold weather deep into May and even June. However, culturally Spring has officially arrived with the commencement of the Scottish Country  Dancing in Edwards Gardens the first Tuesday in June and proceeding 3 more Tuesdays to the end of the month. Now 2007 was the last time I had taken photos and told the story of Scottish Country Dancing in Toronto. Was I in for surprise  this last year!

Edwards Gardens has changed dramatically – especially around the lodge. Here is  a slider of images of the new look:

New entrance trail into Sunnyside Park
Atouch of Pink
Smoothed bed of florals
Abstract connections
Red Bloom in a Yellow Spirea Jungle
Nearby Blossom Explosion
Seeing in Matte and Yellow
The Edward Gardener's Pattern Fun
The new Landscape Sculptures
A melody of colors
Red exotics
Bumblebee landing strip
More floral sculpting
A Rose by any other Sweetness
Love the sweep of garden
Wooden Bough Forms
Dancing Wooden Sculptures
Such a hedge swirling to point

In the new Edward Gardens sculpted grove, you are so near to the Scottish dance site you can hear but not see the pre-dance Scottish  band music because you are behind  a strange and enchanting new Sculpted Edwards Garden Setting. So you have to go down the various landscaped pathways protected by sculpted hedges and bushy squared off trees. And the one guide is the raising and lowering of the Scottish Dance music as you get closer to the meadow. The Sculpted Garden has a circular lookout mound to help find your way:

And once you have found your way, there is truly a dancing fest to be had.

Scottish Dancing in the Park is a June Delight

Now being a Country Square Dancer from way back when, I have a soft touch feel for fiddling, called dances and the intricate brocades of steps and regales which make . Surely I have some ancestors from the Jane Austen era in England. But the Scottish riels are even more  intriguing as dancers intertwine to the the brocade  patterns of the dance:

Truly it is knitting in the large and as you can see, enjoyed by all. So now you know why Scottish Dancing in Edwards Gardens marks the true beginning of Springtime in Toronto

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