Spring Emerges in Toronto

PixofToronto: from Winter to Spring 
So this means after some April Foolishness, PixofToronto will be trading its Winter Cloaks for Spring Colors. And why not? Toronto is seeing concentrated Spring Weather. Or to state that slightly differently, outdoor gardens, trees  and parks are now able to sustain Spring blooms for more than a day or two. And no better sign of the times was a visit to Allan Gardens this last week where lo and behold, the trees were still empty of buds, but not the flower beds in and around the park.

Trees were bare of leaves and buds too
Daffodils in Sherbourne garden on the way to park
Lush blooms outside Allan Gardens
Small blooms amid the dryed up winter leavings
Blue blooms among tawny bed
Yellow and Blue near Allen Gardens entrance
Oh blush, Scarlett in Spring

So outside Allan gardens there was the most welcome signs of Spring blooms everywhere. But that was little preparations for what awaited on the inside:

What a show! This was started for the Garden’s Easter Special. But the the incoming Spring Blooms made for a florists delight. And on a Tuesday afternoon there was quite a crowd at Allan – more than double that of the fabled Christmas  Show with its fabulous figures and poinsettias of many shades and shapes. Do not miss out on the Conservatory’s highlight exhbitions.

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