Finding your way to Scottish Dancing in Edwards Gardens

If you have not been there in awhile, Edwards Gardens has changed dramatically – especially around the lodge at the North entrance to the gardens. If it is official Spring in Toronto [ the beginning of June] you will need this guide to get to the Scottish Dancing  each Tuesday in June. Here is some of what you will see  as you wend your way to the dance grounds:

You can hear the band playing the warm up music  but you are not sure of the way through various landscaped pathways. Just follow your ears. Or take a peek on the Spiral Mound. It  acts as a guide with the rising and lowering  Scottish Dance music as you get closer to the meadow:

But once you arrive by the lodge you will be treated to and can participate in the fun of Scottish Country  Dancing.

However there ias the slight problem of mastering all the web and weave of moves required in Scottish dancing. Unlike Square dancing where the moves are called out Scottish Dancing depnds on Memory of the Moves  . and as we see in the Dancing lessons walkthroughs – mastering them can be a challenge.

But once thedance  moves have been practiced – the dancers are ready to reel

What makes Scottish Country Dancing fascinating are it braids , enttwings and outright whirls & reels. Yes there is a suggestion of Country Square Dancing but the interwining in Scottish Dances are more compelling for this former sailor and knot maker. Also the calling of the moves is primarily in the music and the logic of the unfolding dance. You can find out more about Scottish Dancing that occurs in Toronto, including introductory courses at RSCDS Toronto.

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