Allan Gardens Christmas Show

Accept a heartfelt apology. After last years masterful Christmas Floral exhibition by Allan Gardens horticultural designers, your Toronto photographer thought that it would be very hard to top that show. So making the trip over to Sherbourne and Carlton slipped into the New Year. What a mistake! And here is the evidence:

So if you want to see this superb Christmas Floral show you will have to get to Allen Gardens by this weekend – 10AM to 5PM. After January 8th the Gardens staff starts to dismantle a gorgeous show. 

In general, consider Allen Gardens a worthy replacement for the AGO.  Going to the AGO art galleries was a chance to relax, chat, and in general commune with voices and visualizers of days gone by on an evening. But the AGO price of admission has become so dear – and the free night is only once a week on  Wednesday. In contrast Allen Gardens is available free to all 365 days a year 10 to 5.  Bring a book of poetry [Whitman or Purdy are good starters] or better a recording of Chopin Sonatas or Joni Mitchell songs, sit and munch on a cheese and jelly sandwich and let the day and thoughts unfold in easy comfort.

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