Last Dance: Scottish Country Dance Nights

It was hot, humid and smoggy in Toronto last night. Well the smog lifted a little and so did spirits as I discovered that the Scottish Country Dancing had returned to grace the Edwards Gardens on a Tuesday June evening again. A friend remarked that Edwards Garden is a jewel – and a crowning jewel on Tuesday Scottish Country Dance Nights in June.

Beginning to Dance

We got to the festivities at 8:10 just before the last dances. And the dancers were not diminished by the weather as you can see, post curtsy and bow, with the beginning of a Country Reel called The Piper and the Penguin. Devotees of Square Dancing would like this dance”s intricate weavings and poses. It also checks ones physical stamina.

The Last Dance

But too soon it was time for the Last Dance of the Summer. And one could almost see a touch of reluctance and tinge of melancholy – no, no banish the notion. The dancers were just as joyous, civil and fun loving as two dances before. The essence of Scottish Country Dancing is to enjoy the movement and moment which this group of dancers certainly revelled in.

Last Dance Dervish
But this observer could not help but see a little more fervor, faster turns and maybe a hint of wild or dervish in the last dance … or perhaps it was my overheated imagination. The group applauded itself, just as before, but this time paused to sing Oh Canada on the the evening of the Last Dance of the Summer.

Last Dance and Oh Canada

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