Doors Open Toronto 2011- May 28th, 29th

If you are architecturally inclined,  city history interested and a budding photography buff, then Open Doors is the pace to be this Spring  for the weekend  of May 28th and 29th .
The city has managed to pry open the doors to vital historical, business, and religious building and sites in and  around Toronto. Many are in the core where people shop, play, pray and work.

And this year the theme is Photography. The city is promisng a photo contest [check here for details on May 16th]so all you clickers – make sure you have your cameras ready to go and places to visit in plan because there are nearly 150 place Opening their Doors this year. Actually it really pays to check the schedule here because not all of the sites are open both days and closing time is 5:00PM but many building close their doors to new visitors an hour or more before 5:00PM.

With photography the topic, camera buffs should be able to find some great shooting opportunities. Here is a sampler of what was found on previous years Open Door treks:

The Grange in Spring Time offers great views both inside and out.

St. Paul’s on Bloor Street was one of the highlights of Sacred Places tour 3 years ago

In sum, Doors Open provides an opportunity to visit places you have always wondered what they were like on the inside. This year a photo contest adds a bit more fun for photographers everywhere.

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