Posters of Toronto

In the Eastern Ontario, the Northumberland Hills put on a country billboard show year round – here is a sample early  fall edition from 2014. By contrast, In Toronto the changing of city’s mood, aspirations and style can be seen in the posters  scattered throughout the boroughs as they change through the year. These  commercial messages offer glimpses  into what is up and what matters in the city. So it should not be a surprise that the city entertainment posters prevail – after all this is the extra leisure time available to Torontonians.

This Fall the election managed to sneak into the Toronto Poster Scene; however musical entertainment and live theater shows dominated downtown streets. Also photo images prevailed over drawings and illustrations. But for this viewer, one of the best posters was the illustration for the Judas Kiss theater production. . Just wait for Winter and a new set of posters will be featured on the Streets of Toronto.

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