Falls End and a Promise of Spring

The end of Fall is near.lfall05sm
Fall’s Color Tango with the Wind and Winter
This year Fall has lasted longer for some trees and brushes. Sumac, that last year had lost all color by Thanksgiving, are still clinging to some saucy hues. Despite the colder evenings , the drenching rains and trees whipped by nasty winds, there are still refuges in Toronto’s ravines where a spectacular color show could be found this last week:

Some of the crimson and gold hues would make even a Marching Band blush rococo. Even more fascinating Oaks this year showed off in scarlets and yellow rather than the traditional brown and burnt sienna. As well the individual Maple leafs, like four leaf clovers, showed off on occasion with a painters palette of raging colors. Be still my love and emotions until the pastels to come again emerge with the promise of Spring.

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