Early Fall in Etobicoke

This year while commuting between Northumberland Hills and Toronto I will get to witness the changing of the Fall Colors both in the Northumberland Hills and Toronto. Normally the Hills lead the color change by a week or ten days over Toronto. Lake Ontario and the urban heat are some of the factors advanced for the later turn in Torontoland. But this viewer knows the ability to predict the Changing of the Leaf Guard is truly a Don Quixotean venture – very hit or miss.

And if on signal, Fall in Toronto this year has arrived early by 2-3 days over the Hills. Here is what has been seen in Etobicoke in roughly a square block along Dundas on the North, Prince Edward Street in the east, Kingsway on the South and Royal York in the West . Just part of a regular walk with variations to the Humber river valley or the Brentwood Library. The colors on this stroll were tantalizing:

Click on an image in the grid to see it enlarged to full-size. 

The colors seen were so pleasing, the images were used in the full screen background slider added to the PixofToronto. Over the course of the year, these background images will be changed about once a quarter; hence the new blog title Pix of Toronto: Fall Hues.

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