Humber Valley North of Dundas Bridge

Humber River Valley is a better version of the Don River Valley on the East Side of Town. First, this is true because there is more water volume coming down the Humber so it looks like a real river valley. . Second, more of the Humber Valley was protected earlier so there is less 19th  and 20th Century Rust to be found on the Humber. That said the Don Valley puts on a spectacular Fall color show every year with a myriad of trails, paths and view to partake in as seen below:
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This Fall the Humber River Valley put on a spectacular Autumn showing rivaling the riches to be seen along the Don Valley. PixofToronto readers  have already seen  the spectacular colors along the Humber enhanced by  Hurricane Patricia’s steady downpour.  But these images are primarily downstream from the Dundas Bridge. If you go North there is only one path, a combo bike and walking trail, that winds its way northwest through some thick wooded glades on the west side of the river opposite Lambton Golf Course on the other shore. This fall the colors were everywhere:

The trail ends in leaves
Creek bed at top of Glade
Line of Leaves
Path under cover of leaves
Fallen tree under rare Elm bough
Rise and fall of the hillside
Just to the side, stumps, limbs, and felled trees decked in orange and gold
Limbs crossing Stream
In the steady rains, puddles of leaves
Path wends its way Humberside
Three pronged curve of tree trunks along another ravine creek.
Stump decorated maple colours
Walking bridge
Bridge over wide stream
Downstream view from Lambton Crossing
Lambton bridge crossing - upstream view
Up the pathway from Lambton crossing

As a walker I was alone except for one girl under a white and blue umbrella who I could not catch up to. The steady drizzle crackled finely on the abundance of orange, ocher and yellow leaf flooring. Everywhere one turned and looked there was a fabulous floor bed of leaves and hues stretching to the heaven’s roofed over with the same stunning colours. Black and grey squirrels were everywhere boldly begging for a last Fall-before-Winter handout. One could hear birds flying above in the color filled boughs. Yet the glade was beautifully solitary, reflective and peaceful. A natural Fall haven. Drenched from head to toe, I moved on and out towards dusk.

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