Fall Hues Enchantments

The Fall Colors are reluctant this year – at mid October when normally there is a crescendo of Oaken Ochre, Maple Red & Orange, Aspen and Birch in shimmering yellows and even exotic hued Sumac the goto places in the ravines and valleys of Toronto have only glimpses of the last two years glorious parade of colors. Nonetheless there are isolated burst to be found. Like this past week in the Humber river ravine where a burst of red berries painted their bushes leaves tan and pink. And a pair of Maples were still counting their own time as they turned nuanced shades of scarlet.

Overhead the winds and cloud cover did a lighting show dancing all over the countryside. The result was a fascinating play of color charades which we managed to click onto film. And with a little photofinishing finesse turn into a gallery of color delights.

So my soul is complete even with a tiny glance into Fall’s hues enhanced by a sun lighting show.Now I await my sisters Mont Tremblant and Vermont color takings.

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