Spring Dawdles

Across Canada Spring tarries, plays hide and seek with Winter for 4-6 weeks of overtime. Yes BC and sometimes Alberta get the Pacific borme reprieve from Winter’s Dalliance while the rest of Canada  has to wait and wonder what true Spring is like. The Masters Golf Tornament in Augusta Georgia  taunts Ontarians with a four day glimpse  of Magnolia blooms plus massive Oak, Maples and hardwoods in full Spring regalia – sure to arrive in the next month or so in Southern Ontario and the GTA


Starting in Parkdale

So we headed east along Queen starting at Roncevalles for a Spring trek in Parkdale. The weather had relented – no rain, overcast, cool and an opportunity to see some favorite shops and sights. You know you are in Parkdale with Floral Bikebaskets, new shoppes, olde favorites worth another Window shopping peek or two. But also some old closing shoppes dot the street sides. Sam the Chandelier Man earned many “wish fors” but no purchases; and now the bargains are out of hope and reach in time. There is no better sight along the way than  Red and Purple Roses- as real as the sudden drizzle, along Queen West.

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