The Perfect Pie Feast and Festival

Go about 130 kilometers East by Northeast from Toronto – and you are into the rolling countryside of Northumberland Hills – where the last days of Fall means it is that Perfect Pie Time of Year again. Just check the local time and location:ppietimeIts time for the 30th Perfect Pie  Feast and Festival in Warkworth Ontario.

The order is actually feast first – then  festivities, prizes and pie auctions. And as can be seen there are plenty of Pie-goers ready to Feast:
Lots to chat about and chomp on at the the Pie Feastings.

And the service is gracious:

But the real “problem is what to choose – there are over 110 pies this year, and they make my mouth water:
One has to decide among Savories, Mincemeat, Fruit pies of every kind, Custards, local Maple Sugar adorned with pecans and walnuts …

There is enough sweet meats to make any pie judge take pause.

And so we shall , stay tuned for more about the Warkworth Pie Fest later this week.

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