Weekend Best Fun: Toronto Islands Dragonboat Festival

This weekend of the G2 summit and Luminato, some of the best fun in TO is available down at the Toronto Islands.

First of all there is the Toronto Islands Dragonboat Festival where the big news is that the junior boats fro the high schools are setting down some race times that many a senior dragonboat crew would love to have. The setting is perfect for spectators as they can get up close to the race on either side of the  lagoon. The walkway bridge over the lagoon gives a panoramic view of the scene .

Better still there is lots to do on the Island. Centreville has a great collection of rides for the 4-9 year old kids [or their guardians who seem to enjoy the fun and games just as much as their charges.

Whose Having Fun?

As well there lots of tree-lined trails to explore, plenty of picnic spots with  tables and beaches to go wading in around the island. The South of the Island has  a beautiful ramp and pier taking viewers nearly 200 feet  out into Lake Ontario. And for the older kids there is the Toronto Islands Concert –

which is getting rave reviews . . . . . .

So come to the Toronto Islands for the exciting and cheer-filled Dragonboat Races

Nearing the Finish

But also enjoy all the extra fun to be found at the Islands.

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