Cabbage Town Fest

Every year in September, Toronto almost bursts at the seams with local festivals – The Ukrainian Fest in Bloor Village, The Polish Festival on Roncesvalles, and the CabbageTown Fest in CabbageTown. This year I got to the Cabbage  Town fest and what a surpise. CabbageTown was the Irish, English and scattering of Italian and Spanish part of town. Now its even more multicultural with Iranians, Indians, Chinesse and many different South American countries added to the pot.

Here is a look down Parliament street for a sampling of CabbageTown Fest goers:

For a second week  in a row Indian Summer brought gorgeous weather and warm temperatures for a Summer starved city.

But perhaps the best way to get a feeling for the Festival is to see what the various vendors have for sale. Here is a sampling of the Merchants of the Cabbage Town Fest:

Persian rugs and pottery dotted the street

Thai+Indian Cloth and Frock vendor

Indian Saris and other colorful shirts and frocks

Buttons and baubles from the West Indies??

There were Chilean and Peruvian troubadours and folk bands to entertain as you walked and shopped among the wares. And if you wanted a pint there were not a few pubs to slake your thirst. And as for dining – lets say I had the best Aloo Gobi with Chapati I have had in a long time at the Cabbage Town Fest.

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