Classy Cars Blossom

One of the attractions of the Apple Blossom Festival in Colborne ON is the reappearance like flower blossoms of the classic cars and trucks at the various Shows and Festivals throughout Ontario. And hidden in the valleys, farmyards, and cottages of South Eastern Ontario are some real beauties. Here is a favorite a look back to foggy memories of my Dad’s 1950’s era Mercury sedan. It is truly a foggy memory because this classic has been prepped and primed with a lot of “beauty touches”:

Ahh the smooth moving Mercury

Here is the full range of cars and trucks, quite a lot of the latter, to be seen at the Apple Blossom Tyme Festival:

Ye editor, did not see the announcement of the Winners in the Show, so you will have to be contented with my own personal favorite:

Now ye Editor can just imagine himself percolating down the street in this very fine Yellow Chevy Pickup…..

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