The Pleasures of Bloor West Village Market

Web development and other  duties have this photo buff returning to West End Toronto a little more often in 2015. And it does not take long to enjoy an afternoon in Bloor West Village markets. It also helps that February’s cold and frigid weather are backing off their biting extremes. So as expected, fruit and vegetables vendors are fully surging onto the Bloor street sidewalks. And the vendors have not lost their touch for attractive and appealing product display after a cold winter’s forced a retreat into their shops:

Along the way , I discover a Roncesvalles Avenue favorite, Hot Oven Bakery,  has emerged on Bloor Street West. And the baking aroma, breads and pastries are  more than welcome:

The breads at the Bloor West bakery have much more exotic coatings. But there are great sweet nothing pastries to tantalize the palate and test the waist line. However, the biggest delight this still-winter day is the availability of cut flowers and other baubles  along the street:

And so these are the delights of a stroll between the book ends, Runnymede Library and Book City , on a Wednesday afternoon along Bloor West Village.

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