Late Fall UofT @ Innis and Robarts

Robarts Library is such a battlefield bulwark of information and books, it straddles Harbord and St. George like a concrete fortress formidable and impregnable [if you are not a UofT student just try to get in]. Robarts also dominates the architectural surrounds so Innis College has to sidle and persuade passerbies to  not do so – and take note of some of of its sheltered, natural delights. Throughout the year, Innis has natural attractions that quite frankly please the eye:

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Meanwhile Robarts just allows nature to co-exist and nearby shops have to shout their names to stay on scale. However, slowly but surely nature is beginning to assert its hold on the lower skirt of the library. One can see incursions of ivy advancing every where and the Robarts back yard has crossing sidewalks plus  maples and honey locusts of distinctive colour in the fall.

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