Artists Scene In Toronto: Églantine, Painter and Photographer

Églantine, also known as M. Fleur-Ange Lamothe, is an artist and photographer who lives in the Brampton area of Ontario. I have seen her photographic and painting works on Flickr plus shows in the Toronto area – and enjoy them very much.  Go here for a sampler of her photos, here for an expanded bio, while here are some of her paintings:

Mes Souliers

Églantine works in a number of media and has a robust styling that reminds me of a friend who works confidently and with sure strokes. One can clearly see a boldness in both form and colors in  the watercolor above. There is a naturalness and ease of rendering that soothes the eyes looking for form.


In contrast here is a a rendering alive in colors and swirling brush-stroke forms that suggest a reversal of colour palette and bold blazing strokes. This will not be the only time you see these elements in Églantine’s paintings. They speak of a handsome sense of design.

Again the colors pique the eye but in each painting they each follow their own styling and form. Its almost as if you were being treated to a short story by the artist each with its own separate moral tale. So on that notion lets take a look at a compendium of photo images taken by the artist:


These images are more subtle – like a being out on a scavenger hunt for interesting colors, shape and forms that could inform a painting like this:

Think of and see if you can find not a few sultry colors on the loose here. Very fine in deed.

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