Allan Gardens Easter Show

 As we have seen Spring dawdles and dallies with Winter in Toronto for triple or more weeks of cool, dank, and drenched  daze of Faux Spring in the GTA. So in these pressing times, this party seeks relief at the city’s designated Spring-reminder Shelters. Two favorites are Allan Gardens and Edwards Park and Gardens.

Since I am taking chiro back treatments at the nearby CMCC Sherbourne Branch [low cost, high return chiro treatments], Allan Gardens has been my source of Spring relief. And the Botanical Gardens at College and Sherbourne have not disappointed. 

So throughout several weeks of cool and damp weather, Allan Gardens provided its 7 days a week, every week in the year Floral Feast for  Spring-denied visitors.

It starts with the entrance plaza decked out in tawny yellow to amber orange  daffodils mixed in with  crimson to ochre tulips and yellow amber  daffodils flanking both sides of the walkway. Oh and don’t be surprised to see strings of blue and scarlet hyacinth on the inner edge of the beds  while gaudy  yellow and purple faced pansies chirped from  the backside of the floral beds.

But looking through the Garden Dome’s glass windowing, one can see that this Easter show will be featuring big blooming bursts of hydrangea in every shade of blue, red and purple permitted. To be sure lilies trumpet their presence throughout but this year they play second fiddle  to crocus, pansies and especially hydrangea which  are featured as Easter show-offs  in the Main room and South Gallery.

But further on the  inside North gallery, the ferns and  filaments are combined in novel ways with blooms to add  a design flair to this year’s showing. 

This is a favorite spot to sort of hide away because there seems to be less walkway traffic. But also  there a couple of convenient benches where on can sit with a favorite friend  – either a conversationalist able to keep a jazz beat of ideas rippling along so easily one cannot help but smile…or a tome bound tall tale teller of all the English countryside romantic escapades… surely a page turning adventure.

And as always Allan Gardens brings a relaxing and refreshing bloom to your day … such an island of floral beauty brings majestic pleasure or perhaps reflection and inspiration to each Gardens goer’s passing through.its scents and beauties. 

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