April Foolishness

Time to get up and get some pictures of Spring in the Etobicoke neighborhoods. Woops, Spring pulled some late April Foolishness and blanketed the area with 6 inches of snow.
So my Kingsway walk to Old Mill and the Humber River Valley was turned topsy turvy. No hope to find many early Spring blooms.

Rather one got to learn again that gloves do keep the hands warm when handling a metal camera. And though there were few blooms, one could admire the shadings and forms of Winter past:

Bushes, fences, trees and posts took new shapes with a time-shifting coating of snow.

But one could also imagine Spring conjuring up a burst of green lakes of teal-flow and warmth:

Green and tawny ready to bloom
Last Falls splendor still has charms
Colors bubbling at the wall
Yellow green tendrils everywhere Yellow green tendrils ready to come out
Fall reminders

In the evening the warm temperatures released fog shades of gray and pewter throughout the dusky hues

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