Artists Scene in Toronto: Emilie Rondeau, Painter and Artist

I have seen at least 5 shows in which Emilie has exhibited and the images are many, varied and almost tranquil. It is like looking out on a cool pond with gentle ripples … and then you notice among the soothing, pastel hues a provocative color  or an enigmatic icon:

Detail from 2004 Toronto Summer Art Show

Yes, the images  have  a sense of humor as well as active, scheming – as if a part of a larger plan or oeuvre.  A visit to her website reveals exactly this – a very novel move into fuller forms and colours which entice with their suggestion of flavour. Here is a trip to her website in 2016. If you consider some of Emilie’s 2009 paintings, they have flipped from color and form emerging from a white glaze to more fulsome layerings with bolder plumage:
Flamboyant, from Spring 2014 works

And the painting’s  styling become more immersive while the colors remain vibrant as seen here:

Orange from Spring 20124 works

And there is another one I would like to show you which harkens almost a decade back in the sentiment of its hues and  forms:

Diamond from Fall 2014

Rather than leading you astray, let me recommend that you take a walk through Emilie’s website – it is an amazingly full of inspirations in sculpture, architectural finishings, as well as paintings that delight in curiosity and inquisitiveness. What a pleasure to rediscover Emilie’s works yet again.

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