Jane’s Walk : BBall at Christie Pits etc.

Normally Jane’s Walks mark the true beginning of Spring – mid May when the tulips are in full bloom. But BBall at Christie Pits in July is proof that Jane’s Walks are now occurring all Summer long and well into Fall especially in the Toronto area. Here are some upcoming early Summer Walks:

The featured walk here is the Basketball Brigade that comes to Christie Pits and some nearby courts for a little BBall local stories and chronicles. But first you have to show your basketball on court stuffings with some warmup shooting:
Ooops, I got that wrong! The first thing to do is make sure that all the Jane’s Walk Basketball Bigaders are properly attired – which means a basketball jersey for all, including the Jane’s Walk unofficial but halfway competent photographer. Here are the jersey providers in action:
But this is basketball, so some on court action is called for and delivered with half court games as other action and practice continues under the four hoops here at the PingPong and Basketball corner of Christie Pits [by the way there are three baseball fields, a outdoor wading pool and a soccer pitch in the Pits.]. Notice that dodging other players on court and sorting out the rules of the half court game is part of the BBall routine. So check out the basketball action.

After a few more breaks the Jane’s Walk crew assembled for a little local tour.

Courts Around the Pits

The Basketball Brigade headed across Bloor to see some nearby courts and sports centres in Bickford Park. At the head of the park is the  Bob Abate Centre  which is the home of the Lizzies. The Lizzies were a collection of sports teams that played amateur baseball ,  basketball and other sports in Toronto starting in 191.  The Lizzies won more than 150 titles at the city, provincial, and national levels in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

At the backend of the Centre is an old basketball court which may have some Lizzie history but for sure is the favorite place to visit for one of the leaders of the BasketBalll brigade. So we call it Anne’s Court:
Right next to Anne’s Court is Bickford Park which has a wading pool, two baseball [okay TBall] diamonds and a basketball court. Interestingly enough, after learning some stories about the area, the Basketball Brigade starts  some serious BBall TBall drill. This drill  is where you start shooting from the free throw line and if you sink your shot you are still in the TBall game. But if you miss you are subject to elimination if the next shooter sinks their shot before you: Watch the video and you will get the flow of the game:

Notice some basketball bumping tactics in the game – all legal beagle.  

On the way back to Christie Pits the Jwalk photographer manages to find some Mondrian and Grafitti inspiration:

Return to Christie Pits

Did you know that David Suzuki sponsors free Pizza  at the Pits during the summer on certain Thursday nights . Neither did I; but I hve proof there was pizza:
And of course after Thursday night pizza there is more heated full court basketball:

Now be honest is this not a novel Jane’s Walk? If you think so show up on Sunday July 16th at 3PM in the SW corner of the Pits for the second part of the Jane’s Walk BBall adventure at Christie Pits – its called the Weave – just a touch of intrigue.

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