Luminato Redux

Luminato is a ten day Summer Festival in Toronto that has a serious problem – it is way too stuffy and controlling. There is a website list of ten does and don”ts before you even arrive on the grounds. Supposedly geared for family fun – don”t bring an oversized bag – it may be confiscated. And as for taking any pictures of the kids or friends at the events – don”t bother. Cameras, videos, audio and even camera phone usage – ALL VERBOTEN. And if you want to yawn and take a nap …..

lumenoI think it started with Wakefest down at the Islands a couple of years ago; but I am probably wrong. It must have started earlier. You know the Fun Polizei, controlling exactly how you relax and enjoy the public parks your taxes have paid for many times over. Now CIBC, Toronto Star, CTV and other good spirits want to manage your enjoyment. They are on track to have this fully under control within a few years – right.What the people at Luminato and HarbourFront need to do is think out of the box.

Luminato is about creativity and inventing fun. They should be inviting people to participate all through the event before, during and afterward on the Luminato websites with contests, questions, searches, scavanger-hunts, comments, images, and maybe even some creative music, poems or other oeuvres de art that incorporate ideas and sights and scenes enjoyed at Luminato. But of course that may be way too much to ask of the sponsors of Luminato. People creating fun from their event – and they don’t immediately cash in. Heavens to Creative Betsy! Now in the meantime, if you go down to Luminato, “don’t be misbehavin”.

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