Artists Scene in Toronto: David Grieve, Painter

I was at the Toronto Outdoor Artists Show in Nathan Phillips Square two summers ago and could not help being lured in Scylla and Charibdis fashion by David Grieve’s works of art.There were at least 5 or 6 booths before David’s but one painting just kept calling like the Sirens:
I could not keep my eyes off this painting – it was like a poppy with more allure then one could immediately appreciate. But having arrived at Davids booth there were other works with a similar fascination.
Here the stroking is sparer and possibly even bolder. But on becoming acquainted with David’s painting and style the boldness seemed more a part of a  recurring style. A very careful placement of stroke and hues that suggest the Impressionist or even Group of Seven styling but really David’s own. See what the following images suggest.

DavidGrievePaintingDetail9583 dgdetail3
dgdetail2 dgdetail1

Each of these images has a boldness of stroking and coloring that suggest an  Impressionist styling but has its own rules,  sizing, and color blends that is always a source of fascination. And given the large  size of the canvases there is much to see in examining the boldness within.

David ‘s painting can be seen in a number of galleries in the Toronto area and at his website here.

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