Artists Scene in Toronto: Carly Waito, Painter and Ceramicist

Sometimes an artist stops you in your tracks with charm and a very sly wit – such is the case with Carly Waito.There is a certain edge to Carly’s paintings and figurines. Nothing quite Bizarro but still sharp, like a pin prick – catching one at the edges…. and suddenly you are sucking on blood or laughing out loud.


And remember, there is nothing, nothing, nothing so basic or so banal that one one might be compelled to cite something common or pop or even a warhole in Carly’s works. Rather there is a gentle [or swift nudge] in her works that says ‘ahah’in novel ways.

After all, these are small figurines with cutie motifs, just a snicker bar away from being so sanguine and so sweetie pie that ahhhh I am so ahhhhh. But the range of works by the artist is quite broad. Here is some knitting work:

And Coe and Waito are a joint ceramics production team – see their works here. And on her blog Carly features a great photographic eye. Do watch Carly’s blog for all the ideas,  inspiration and whats she  is up to here.

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