BuskerFest Toronto

Buskers and I have a number of things in  common. PixofToronto is free; and Busker performances are mostly free … well ScotiaBank seems to be double dipping – doing a charity blitz [Epilepsy Foundation this year] and leaving the Buskers begging for bread. I beg for bread but in Web development – PixofToronto is one of my portfolio websites.

Buskers clearly love what they are doing – entertaining users with their often magical performances [see the images below]. I am addicted to photography and telling image tales of what is going on in Toronto. Okay,  the Buskers are better. And this years BuskerFest has some great performances this weekend in downtown TO:

There are a lot kids to seen at the Buskerfest and here is a magic start:

An amazing act of prestidigitation by Bryan

But this is just one sample of what you kind find at BuskerFest:

BuskerFest is a lot of fun especially for kids at heart. Just checkout the fun above!

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