Gallery Hop Preview: Gundi Viviani-Finch

Glass is one of the most artistic of media because it bends and reflects light, the stuff of vision, in so many ways. Thus the Trent Hills Gallery Hop is lucky to have two master glass workers in its midst- Paulus Tjiang and Gundi Viviani-Finch This is the preview of Gundi Viviani-Finch, Glass Artist


Gundi is a glass artist who was born in Germany and lived for twenty years in Chile before moving to Canada in 1973. During the early 1980s she worked as a fashion designer in suede and leather – an occupation that helped her develop the keen sense of shape and proportion that is so evident in her sculptural glass creations.

Gundi’s studio is situated nestled into a hilltop overlooking the surrounding fields, forest, marsh, and creek. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Nature scene outside her studio window provides much of the inspiration for her brilliant and flowing sculptures, in particular the intense cold, bright light, snow and ice formations of the Canadian winter.

Gundi has been beguiled by glass and its multi-faceted qualities. Ever since a visit to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin with it magnificent Greek mosaics some twenty years ago, she has been creating sculptural bowls, vessels, vases by using plate glass and colourful stained glass edging. The finished objects shimmer in the light.


“Gundi’s work is so incredible, and it literally causes pedestrians to gasp when they see it rotating on a pedestal in our window.” – Phillip Schrank, Gallery Vetro, San Antonio, Texas

Here is another glass dazzler.

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