Artists Scene in Toronto: Janice Hardacre, Poetic Photographer

If you visit my websites you know I have a certain propensity for photography. But I also like poetry as well. I think of poetry is very much like photography – the art of capturing not just moments but ideas in their time. I find that when I look at Janice’s pictures they trigger poetic stirrings. But you can see for yourself at her shows in Toronto this fall:

The theme of angels strikes a primal cord.

Face of an Angel – has so many hints and suggestions…

Pondering who, Resting when …

We were born to bear an angel

To find one in time were enough

as if many were not already hovering

alighting with passions

all consuming.

Mon ange stands alone

He stands

Stoic, contemplating, blue

As if the mists were unknown

As if the hues were true.

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