Artists Scene in Toronto: Blaise Campbell, Glassicist

Glass is a liquid; but with Blaise Campbell’s pieces,  glass has a texture and look of permanence.

This group of characters might be  from a Family Compact  vintage 1820’s Upper Canada. There is substance beyond the Gunpowder sheen and upright pose.  A sense of hauteur.

Here is all business, a bit rotund, but knowing their position and place. I like them right away – I would take a swig or two with these two any day.

Now we have the cut of the earth – but so immensely refined. Good conversationalists whose own texture always casts a fascination on meeting.

Okay, here is  some debutante fun – good looking and knows it.

And look what color and hue one can get a draftt from.

If you would like to meet more of Blaise Campbell’s Glassic characters – look here.

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