Toronto Santa Claus Parade and the Marching Bands

“All you need for a Parade is a Marching Band”

And the organizers of Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade wont argue the point as they invite bands from all over Ontario and the neighboring US States to perform every year at the Parade. 2015 had a great selection. And if you get down to Christie Pits before the 12:30PM parade start you can walk and see the various bands as they get ready for the show.

Bands Gathering in Christie Pits
Drum and Cymbals
Canton Ohio Band waiting on the Maple Leaf Seats
Drums are essential part of Marching Band
MacMaster Band Tuning up
North Bay's Joseph Scollard Band
Scollard's Drums
Practicing in the Pits
UofT Engineering Band of Noteriety
Attica NY Band starts the Parade of Bands

This reviewer likes the out of town bands like Joseph Scollard coming in from North Bay or the Canton Marching Band all the 12-hours up and 12 hours back from Canton Ohio. Now that is grit and determination. One of the smallest and most eclectic bands is from the UofT Engineering School. They are fun-loving, iconoclastic, a bit notorious but get in the parade on a pretty consistent basis.

But the Proof of the Putting is the Bands Parading. So without further to do – here are our bands in action:

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